Scripture Memorization Cards – Printable

Psalm 119:105 says, “Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

God’s Word is meant to guide us, to encourage us, to transform us. Unfortunately, many of us do not spend near as much time in the Word of God as we should, let alone memorize Scripture passages that can provide us much-needed strength and truth in times of need or – well – all the time.

So here is a┬ásimple resource for you to help with that. Feel free to use these printable Scripture cards (this version has all New Testament passages), cutting them out into individual cards and placing them one on your mirror, in your wallet or pocket, on your computer screen or fridge…wherever you are likely to look multiple times a day. Start with just one. Spend a week memorizing that verse. Then, move on to the next one the following week.

Focus on one verse per week, trying to practice verses from the previous weeks as you go along to lock them better in your memory. These particular verses are meant to bring comfort, to bear witness, to shed light into your days and provide you with words the Holy Spirit may desire you to share with others. Don’t miss those opportunities!

I also recommend using these verses with your kids, working on one a month for very little children, rather than one a week. You’ll be surprised with their memory skills, and you also will be giving them the most vital tool with which to face the ups and downs of their daily lives – God’s Word to us.

Hope this simple printable helps you right now!