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Catholic_Resource_Guide_cover_3DA quick-list guide of the tools – books, video, audio, websites, and program resources – the pros and ordinary Catholics use everyday to help them better learn and share the faith. (Hint: A bunch of these resources you can use right now, for free!)

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A little more about the resource guide: If you are like me, you are always on the hunt for helpful resources, so I’d like to guide you toward some of my favorite ones, my go-to Catholic resources for those aspiring to be stronger spiritual leaders in family life, in the workplace, in your parish community, among your friends, within your extended family, and even in your social media network.

Over the years I’ve spent working in ministry, studying theology, writing for Catholic publications, and speaking around the country, I’ve compiled an awesome list of online, print, and other Catholic resources you can trust to help you better learn and teach the Catholic faith…and I’m excited to give it away, for FREE! Hope you enjoy the guide!