Catholic Easter Basket Ideas

So it’s not quite time to get in the celebratory mood yet, as we are still in Lent and have a solemn Holy Week ahead of us, but you’ve likely got Easter on the mind if you are planning some festivities for this great feast day. Here are a few ideas to keep your Easter baskets on the “holier” side:

For the kids

Saint Movie

Lil’ Prayer Lamb

Resurrection Eggs (and accompanying book!)

Catholic stickers

Catholic Coloring or Activity Book

Holy Heroes Matching Game

St. Michael sports medals

Children’s Rosary or Rosary bracelet

Shining Light Dolls or Felt Saint Dolls

Tiny Saints key chain

Catholic books for teens 

For the adults

Catholic CD of the Month Club Subscription or a Lighthouse CD/MP3

For the Catholic beer lover

Catholic Book of Blessings and Prayers

Printable Easter cupcake toppers

Chocolate cross

Book: You Did It to Me: A Practical Guide to Mercy in Action

And, of course, Bibles, Rosaries, and other Catholic gifts from your local Catholic bookstore make great Easter basket fillers, too!


Your Mid-Lent Boot Camp

Need a little spiritual shot in the arm half way through your Lenten journey? Our goal during this season of Lent is to draw closer to Christ through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Lent isn’t about being miserable; it’s about transformation – becoming more like Christ Himself, which can be challenging, no doubt, but the transformation we seek is purifying in a good way. Here are some good ways to step up your game over the next week or to get back on track focusing on these three pillars of Lent if you feel like your current journey hasn’t been real transformative so far.

DIRECTIONS: This is a 6-Day Lenten Boot Camp activity. I recommend you print the chart below and choose/circle one activity/practice for each day (prayer OR fasting OR almsgiving). Over the course of the whole week, try to select two choices from the “PRAY” column, two from the “FAST” column, and two from the “GIVE” column. (For example, on Monday and Thursday you can do something from the Pray column, Tuesday and Friday from Fast, and Wednesday and Saturday from Give…but you can do them in any order depending on which ideas appeal to and challenge you!)