Moving Forward in Ordinary Time

“Ordinary Time is not a stagnant or unimportant season; like all other seasons in the Church year, it is an ordered time for growth and a time to strengthen one’s spiritual life and be Christ to one’s neighbor, making Ordinary Time more extraordinary.”

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Giving Makes Us Grow

“Giving can stretch us out of our comfort zones, but in that stretching, we inch ourselves closer to becoming spiritual leaders after God’s own heart. Give a little, and then a little more, until you feel some discomfort. Where there is pain, there is generally some eternal gain.”

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Your Most Solemn Obligation as a Parent

Without question, parents are the primary influence on the faith lives of their children. Study after study shows that when parents are strong spiritual leaders, and when fathers—yes, dads in particular—teach and witness the faith to their children, the kids are far more likely to grow up and live faithful lives themselves.

What kind of role do you want the Catholic faith to play in the lives of your grown children? That’s the kind of role that faith should be playing in your life right now. You are the primary educators of your children—not the pastor, not the youth minister, not the Sunday school catechist, Confirmation coordinator or Catholic school theology teacher. You and your spouse have the privilege and the responsibility to teach your children about their Christian faith, which also requires that you continually learn about it yourself…

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“Running Toward Fulfillment”: My Interview with Dr. Popcak, Author of “Broken Gods”

As I told Dr. Greg Popcak prior to our interview, I excitedly devoured my copy of Broken Gods: Hope, Healing and the 7 Longings of the Human Heart (Image Books) the same night I received the book from the publisher. I already consider myself a fan of Dr. Popcak’s books and my husband and I have read many of the ones pertaining to marriage and parenting. This book was refreshing different, but equally impactful and thought-provoking.

COL_profile_Broken_Gods-200x302In Dr. Popcak’s own words, “Broken Gods walks readers through this process [of becoming ‘perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect’] step-by-step so they can stop running from their sins and start running toward their ultimate destiny.”

The book is as beautiful as it is practical.

“Readers will learn to love the parts of themselves they like the least and discover how to allow God to transform those broken parts into both occasions for hope and the engines of their ultimate perfection in Christ.”

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